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How To Be A Gentleman Without A Tiger? Gentleman Tiger

Issuing time:2022-10-25 02:22

How To Be A Gentleman Without A Tiger?


In the workplace, everyone wants to be recognized by their superiors and bosses. They all want to be concerned by their superiors and their bosses. As they know, people who are often appreciated by their superiors and bosses are most likely to be fired and the workplace risk is the biggest.

The ancients said: "with a gentleman like a tiger", the upper and lower relations in the workplace are actually the best portrayal.

In the face of all kinds of harsh realities in the workplace, almost everyone has no privileges, even if you are the boss's confidant.

The boss has a bargaining chip for the manager, and how do you always care for your boss at all times, so that you can always be a gentleman and not be a tiger?

According to the author's many years of experience in enterprise management and management consulting and training, the following suggestions are given to the close bosses of the bosses: "we should always remember that subordinates are not just" working hard "for the boss. Have you ever had a conflict with your boss?

Have you ever known the boss's face or temporary feelings?

You know, most of the time, it often overtakes your professional ability or the truth itself.


When the blade of power is waved, a sentence is enough to get you into deep water.

Xiao Wang, a senior manager who works in the fast moving consumer goods industry, is very impressed.

When the general manager trusts him to treat him as his own person, they even have a good personal relationship; when he is frank with the general manager and disagrees with the general manager's work, he thinks that both sides will discuss the matter, but he soon finds out that the relationship between his friends in the past has suddenly returned to the upper and lower level of the authoritative order.

There was even a time when the chairman wanted to promote him but he was shelved by the general manager.

His experience is: "being a good manager is only the first stage. This is the boss's need for you.

By the second stage, the boss will want to have his own people around him, and there will be additional expectations for his subordinates.

The first stage is that he thinks for you, but when he regards you as his own person, he expects you to help him think.

This kind of demand is like a lover's endless love for you, and how to cooperate with you depends on your personal feelings.

In fact, conflicts between many subordinates and supervisors are often caused by this cognitive gap.

How to narrow the gap is also the key to the harmonious operation of power relations.

Narrowing this gap is actually managing your boss's expectations of you and seeing if you are standing on what he wants to achieve.

The first thing is to take the initiative to eliminate the boss's "uneasiness". Xiao Li's supervisor is a very competent and loving supervisor. But for a time, the director was hospitalized for a long time because of illness. Xiao Li did not want the supervisor to worry about public affairs again. He hoped that he would take care of his illness and raise all his decisions on his own shoulders. He did not report to senior executives. He believed that it was no problem to trust him in the past.


But when he went to see the supervisor one day, the supervisor said to him, "Xiao Li, what a great power you have!"

At that time, he thought that the supervisor no longer trusted him. After that, he realized that the elders supervisor was warning him that lack of communication could easily lead to misunderstanding and even deny everything he did.

Xiao Li's experience is enough to make many people take warning. Even if you think you are right, you must get your boss's understanding and support.

Otherwise, the better you do, the more anxious and anxious the boss will be, and may even make him think you will have competition with him and start grinding.

Always remember: always be prepared to let your boss know you. "In the workplace, the difference between people is that who makes fewer mistakes, especially at the critical moment, making the difference between doing things right and making mistakes."

Many people who have been promoted smoothly in the workplace have learned the communication philosophy of "let the boss be at ease first".

Although your boss expects you to report once every 3 months, you should insist on letting your boss know your work status every month and provide complete and clear data analysis.

On the surface, this allows the supervisor to grasp the whole direction, but it is actually accumulating your influence on the supervisor and making him reassured.

In fact, the more you love your boss, the more you need to let your boss know you. Every contact is when he defines you.

"The fewer opportunities for daily contact, the higher the cost of making mistakes.

Conversely, if the boss knows more about you on weekdays, the flexibility and tolerance of tolerance of mistakes is greater.

Perhaps there are many high - flying subordinates who think that they will be flattering to report to their bosses all day.

But you must not assume that the boss knows or should know what you are doing, so let the boss know that you are not the same as flattering, because the core is still everyone's professional ability.

The supervisor must live in front of his supervisor. He will never care about his performance because he likes a person.

Always remember that the boss is always right. He is a small Zhang who works in the investment department of an insurance company. He is in charge of the company's market investment.

But his manager at that time did not completely let him do it. Every investment should be reported and explained in detail.

But this manager is just a layman. He thinks that the market investment is timeliness. If we are busy with the work mode of early asking and late reporting, who will be responsible for the success or failure?

At that time, he was almost depressed every day because he could not persuade his superiors, and even quarrelled with his superiors. The final result of the quarrel became the antagonism between the whole department and the new supervisor, and he had to go through the way of collective resignation.

After many twists and turns, Xiao Zhang has become a responsible manager. But he does not think he did the right thing at the time: every day he is busy arguing and being wrong, almost like rebellion.

"The boss has already made a final decision, and you have been arguing all the time. Now think about it. This may not be a good thing, because you will let yourself die or become a blacklist early."

Always remember: good at circuitous communication, often in the spring and Autumn period of Qi Jing Gong hunting, but the arrow law is not very smart, often a big drum hunting, no gain and return, so annoyed.

Later, some people came up with an idea: tie a thin line on the paw of a bird, like a kite, and it can be put and put in freely.

This kind of hunting law is called "Yi".

One shot can not shoot again, can shoot again, anyway, the wired rope is tied, can not escape, always will be shot by him.

On one occasion, for some reason, a "bird" was flying away without a trace. Qi Jing was very angry and angry. He called the Guan bird official named Zhu Zou and ordered him to die on the spot.

Of course, Yan Zi, the prime minister, can not support such a cruel act. It is hard to change the decision of such a fatuous king.

So he asked him to explain why he wanted to kill Yao Zou, and then enforced the law to make him die.

Qi Jinggong thought about it and agreed.

Then, Yan zhe scolded severely, "do you know? Candlou, you control the bird for my king, but fly the bird, and the sin is dead.

Because birds flew, and my king got angry. He killed a bird for the sake of birds.

If I kill you, I will return it to you. In the princes, all of you think my king is a heavy bird, but a bad man. It is a terrible crime.

Speaking of this, he said to the executioner, "three crimes have been declared, and you can carry them out!"

Yan Zi dares to face his advice directly, by virtue of his wit, skill and integrity, and loyalty to the people of the country.

However, the most important thing is that he knows the skills of speaking, and can grasp the opportunity to speak and understand the target of speech.

To the most noble monarch, his subjects were not qualified to teach him what to do and what to do, but to give Xiao Yu the only way.

Similarly, managers must pay attention to the skills of communication even if they are "kings", even if you are a confidant.

It is not always necessary to accompany a tiger with a tiger or a tiger. If we really do the above, we must have some "wrong thinking" in our work.

The so-called dislocation thinking is not to stand in their own perspective.

First of all, stand in the perspective of the boss, try to figure out what the boss needs, such as: work attitude, ability level, character temper and so on. Secondly, stand on his own point of view to detect the boss's work style, leadership style, value standard, life law, interest, and so on, then comprehensive two aspects of the content to find shortcomings, continuous improvement of communication, easily compatible coexistence.

For example, if the boss pays attention to the result, you should not report every process in detail. If your boss likes to control the management, you should not just say "OK" after he has done very important things.

As the saying goes, "only when we choose what we want is good."

Many people think that "a companion is like a tiger" because they feel that their boss is moody and unpredictable. If they feel careless, they will become the victim of their dissatisfaction.

In fact, not necessarily, some of the reasons are subordinates themselves.

The boss is suspicious, arbitrary and so on. But if the positioning is accurate, the scale is well controlled and the communication skills are grasped, then the companion may not be accompanied by "tiger", or it may be accompanied by "father", "mother" and "companion".

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