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High-grade bone china cups bone china cups wholesale supply of white the fetal bone china cups

Issuing time:2022-10-26 13:58Author:Gentleman TigerSource:Fine Bone China Tableware Manufacturer

Information Name:High-grade bone china cups bone china cups wholesale supply of white the fetal bone china cups



Specifications:The white fetal bone china cup


Price Description:

Detailed Product Description:

Gentleman Tiger Industrial Co., Ltd. - is a company engaged in the development of bone china / import and export of high-end wine / domestic high-end tea and other high-end commercial product. Production. Integration. Sale. Specialized company. Our company was founded in 2005, has been a mature product development and production experience. Production and sales of the company's pre-main professional bone china products management, set bone china production house long, the choice of high-quality imported raw materials, scientific formula, output quality, quality bone china clay and product . The quality inspection by the quality inspection department of the national daily porcelain, the technical indicators were leading domestic approach and exceed international standards, making it Jiaojiao Chinese ceramics.

 bone china is the finest quality the universally acknowledged ceramic products. Complete the production of bone china products, fine porcelain and transparent, glazed moist and bright, beautiful shape, type structured, colorful flower characteristics. Renowned practical and artistic value "as thin as paper, as white as jade, such as the sound of the chime". The products are exported to more than twenty countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and became a star hotel, the hotel of choice for porcelain, also widely used in the home or as gifts to friends and relatives. The company pursues "win big, strong cooperation, sincerity far, solid letter" purpose, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to come to negotiate business, and extensive exchange of guidance and cooperation.

We will make unremitting efforts to cast the brand, innovation, leading the fashion!


Production, sales as one of bone china, processing and sales. And Switzerland mainly the production of bone china porcelain gifts, in the West, Korean tableware, tea, and coffee with new aesthetic, beautifully packaged. In addition to a variety of hotels, guest houses, porcelain, sales network all over the major domestic star hotel in small cities, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and other users to add luster to the people to enjoy the beauty.


The ShenShiHu industry. Understanding of ancient porcelain and food culture.

Chinese food culture has a long history, ever-changing regional cuisines of different characteristics, dishes and cooking methods. In traditional Chinese food culture, porcelain occupies an extremely important position. Chronicles of a wide variety of eating utensils, is an important part of Chinese food culture. The evolution of eating utensils, visible presence of a concomitant-dependent relationship between food and beauty, also confirms the process of civilization. Earlier People used to sit on the floor, on the floor of the artifacts, the abdomen more contact with the people's attention, so in a pottery bowl, bowls, cups a diet, its decorative pottery lips following upper abdomen, or the upper half of the inner wall. Han people began to dine on the desktop, plates, bowls and other eating decorative mainly to external.


Porcelain diet era cultural color is not the same. The most prosperous period of the culinary culture to the number of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Based on the homes of ordinary people all came to pay attention, even more so within the palace, palace eating utensils exquisite production, ornate ornamentation, particularly mentioning emerged in royal style. Take wedding, for example, a set of 148, Taiwan Gong, a large bowl, medium bowl, soup bowl, yellow Jiuwan, glasses, spoons, plates, dishes, basically divided into different configurations to the purpose of use. Glaze and decoration of these objects are the same, most of the yellow glaze Fencai Ci ornamentation to symbolize auspiciousness butterfly, hi word and country Longevity main.

The evolution of food culture developed column has a modern style and the use of modern family needs. Configuration also fully consider all of the needs of the family to use. 56 bone china tableware package contains a small bowl, Weidie, deep dish, shallow dish, goods pot, fish plate, spoon, tablespoon, ashtrays, toothpick holder, chopsticks holder. Set of bone china tableware suit can let you sit back and relax the kitchen, there are a lot of packages such as Coffee Wine porcelain, bone china tea set some high-end fashion Package.

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